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CipSoft GmbH

CipSoft GmbH is a gaming studio and devolper based out of Germany. Cipsoft first produced the MMORPG TIbia and later produced a cellphone version of Tibia called, TibiaME.


CipSoft GmbH was founded in June 2001 by Guido Lübke, Stephan Payer, Ulrich Schlott and Stephan Vogler. However, the development of our first game started much earlier.

Tibia went online in 1997. This makes it one of the first massively multiplayer online role-playing games ever created. It's also one of the first games that adopted the free-to-play concept.

TibiaME was released in 2003 and is the world’s first MMORPG for mobile devices.

Apart from updating these games with new content and features on a regular basis, our main focus lies on the development of new products that provide the same kind of innovative and infinite entertainment our existing games do.


Regensburg, Bavaria

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