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  • Viken, Norway


Indie game developer based in Hamar, Norway. Made Among the Sleep, The Plan, and now working on Mosaic!

We’re an independent game developer who love storytelling and creating engaging worlds. Krillbite was formed by a creative bunch of students in 2011, and through several years and projects we have evolved into a professional game development studio.

During their second year at Hedmark University College, Ole Andreas Jordet and Håvard Stene Skjærvik started recruiting other dedicated students to form a creative collective. This group evolved through various projects, and eventually became Krillbite Studio. Here at the studio we have become like family. Every sibling uses personal traits and skills, and works hard to deliver unique and engaging games. We seek to inspire both new and experienced gamers alike, while challenging existing game conventions.


Viken, Norway

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20 Jun, 2011

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