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Progression Mechanics

  • Apr 20, 2019 
  • On-site: 2311 Campus Dr, Evanston, IL 60208, USA


Progression Mechanics 2 is a conference for the Chicago area video game community, focused on the changing medium and business of gaming.

The video game industry, perennially buffeted by technical and creative reinvention, is changing in hyperspeed. The machines on which we play games, the markets in which we buy them, and the ways and occasions in which we play games, have changed drastically in the last decade. The people who create and play games have changed as well — battling substantial headwinds, gaming is more diverse than ever.

We welcome everyone interested in games — developers and publishers, academics and media, hobbyists and students — for a one-day seminar of presentations and conversations about where games are coming from, and where they are going. The event is hosted by Northwestern University.


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