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Ambrosia Software, Inc.


Ambrosia Software is a long-time developer and publisher of Mac (and, more recently, Windows) productivity and entertainment shareware. It was founded in 1993 in Rochester, New York, by programmer Andrew Welch. Ambrosia gained prominence in the 1990s for high-quality Mac shareware games, such as Maelstrom (developed by Welch), Apeiron, and Escape Velocity. The company is currently focusing on iPhone and iPad games.

Ambrosia's mascot and office pet is Hector, a Norwegian Blue parrot. Hector is referenced in several games, including Avara, which features 3-D mechs called H. E. C. T. O. R. s, and the aforementioned Escape Velocity, where the invincible Captain Hector will periodically blow you out of the sky if you're overdue on paying your shareware license.


Rochester, New York

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