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Bend Game Studio

Bend Studio is a first party Sony developer, responsible mainly for the Syphon Filter series on the PSP, PS2, and original PlayStation.


SCE Bend Studio, located in Bend, Oregon, was originally known as Blank, Berlyn and Co. , but their name was soon changed to Eidetic, Inc. and is primarily responsible for the Syphon Filter series. Before developing the Syphon Filter franchise, Bend was developing crossword and word games as well as productivity software for the Apple Newton and they also developed Bubsy 3D when known as Eidetic. The developer was purchased by Sony Computer Entertainment America and renamed in 2000.

Bend is currently most known for its knack of bringing fast-paced third-person action games to the PSP, with good controls that compensate well for the PSP's lack of a second analog stick, e. g. Resistance: Retribution. They have also developed Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a launch title for the PlayStation Vita.


Bend, Oregon

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