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  • Via Luigi Pirandello, 1, 90144 Palermo PA, Italy



is an Italian game development company, composed of a team of talented video games-addicted developers.

The staff already worked on developing games for PC, Mac and Nintendo consoles. The whole team daily studies new platforms, always in search of technology innovations.

The companyis Nintendo Official Developer for several platforms (GBA, GBC, GC; NDS, Wii) and is currently working mainly on Nintendo DS and WII platform.

Past productions

The Fish Files

” (GBC–Graphic Adventure - Microids)

The New Addams Family Series

” (GBC–Graphic Adventure / Action - Microids)


” (GBA–Action / RPG - Microids)

The Phantom

” (GBA–Action / RPG - Microids)

Paperboy” / “Rampage

” (GBA–Arcade classics - Destination Software)

Gino il pollo

” (PC/MAC–Kids - Digital Bros)


” (PC/MAC–3D Adventure Game - Digital Bros)


Last King of Africa

" (DS - Adventure Game - White Birds Focus Home)

Company website: http://www. 7thsensestudios. com

7th Sense s.r.l. has released 1 game.

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