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Agatsuma Entertainment

The videogames arm of a Japanese toy company. Best known for "Code Of Princess." Dissolved in 2015.

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OverviewFormed in 1997, Agatsuma Entertainment was the videogames subsidiary of the long-lived Japanese toy company Agatsuma Co Ltd.

There appears to be minimal information about their existence before 2008, where they became a prolific publisher for the DS and Wii. They also advertised an agency business, coordinating business deals between publishers and developers.

In the west, they are best known for co-developing Code of Princess and publishing the western releases of the Umihara Kawase series.

On December 11th, 2015, Agatsuma Co Ltd. announced the dissolution of Agatsuma Entertainment, citing a deterioration in administrative conditions that made it difficult to guarantee that the games side of the business could generate earnings. Liquidation is scheduled for completion on March 31, 2016.


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