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Company profile: At Ambition, we have over a decade of experience creating mobile games, starting out with an MMO for flip phones all the way to our in-production Unity card battle RPG.

Our motto is 'providing dreams to the world through our culture of fun' - until recently, this has been through the development and production of our own in-house titles, including those based on popular Japanese anime IPs.

Now, however, we look for mobile games all over the world with the potential to bring joy to players in Japan, as well as emerging Japanese titles sure to excite many new fans around the world.

Help us provide these dreams by working together to see your game succeed in the mobile market!

Is interested in: We are attending Gamescom this year mainly looking for two things - publishers and developers.

- Developers

We are looking for mobile games with the potential to succeed in the Japanese market. We offer a wide range of publishing services, from localization and culturalization, to server management and game planning consultation, all the way through to customer support and PR/marketing.

- Publishing

We are also looking for western publishers for our recently released and in-development mobile games, including a puzzle RPG based on a popular anime IP and a card battle RPG featuring a range of cute characters.

If you have a service that could help us, we would like to hear from you, too!


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