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Company profile: We are developing The Fermi Paradox, a narrative space simulation game for PC and MAC.

In the Fermi Paradox the player decides the fate of multiple newborn alien species in a young galaxy. Those civilizations start in the stone age and advance over millennia into a space faring society.

Anomaly Games are a group of experienced game developers from Berlin. We worked on many interesting projects in the past. Jörg Reisig worked on the A.I. systems of 'Spec Ops : The Line', Mona Mur on the music of 'Kane and Lynch 2', Theresa Schlag worked together with 'Tale of Tales' and Zoë Jellicoe published 'Critical Hits: An Indie Gaming Anthology'.

Is interested in: We created a polished prototype to test our unique gameplay mechanics and narrative systems. After long user tests and collecting a lot of feedback we are now very confident about our product and looking for publishing partners to finance a 12 month development circle and to help us out with marketing and distribution.

Jörg Reisig

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