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Apocalypse Studios

Changing the way people experience games.


  • 432 Niagara St #2, St. Catharines, ON L2M 4W3, Canada


Changing the way people experience games.

Although most people associate Apocalypse with the destruction of the world, it is actually an ancient Greek term meaning “to reveal the unknown”.

Apocalypse plans on exploring bold new landscapes for games. Through a combination of private investment, publishing and marketing partners, we intend to scale up video game development and make a significant impact on the marketplace. Apocalypse is partnered with Amazon, AMD, Project Deios, and several other innovative technology groups to explore the medium of video games like never before.

Apocalypse is working with several experienced academic colleagues throughout North America with the goal of changing the way people play games. Apocalypse focuses on Free To Play online multiplayer games with a “Games as a Service” approach.

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