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Arkedo was an independent game studio based out of Paris, France. Among their most notable releases are Hell Yeah! and Big Bang Mini.

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    Paris, Île-de-France

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Arkedo is known for making small independent games on a variety of platforms including their popular line of Xbox Live Indie Games, the Arkedo Series. Founded by Aurélien Régard and Camille Guermonprez in 2006 with the goal of making DS games and being "as small as possible" to give them more time to focus on making games, rather than the peripheral activities a larger studio has to put up with (meetings, reports, etc. ). They have managed to retain all of their intellectual properties.

In February 2013 Arkedo Studio closed down due to financial problems.

Early GamesTitlePlatformNervous BrickdownDSBig Bang MiniDSArkedo Series

Arkedo is perhaps best known for their highly-praised Arkedo Series on Xbox Live Indie Games. These games were later released on the PlayStation Network.

TitlePlatformJump!Xbox Live Indie Games, PlayStation NetworkSwap!Xbox Live Indie Games, PlayStation NetworkPixel!Xbox Live Indie Games, PlayStation NetworkSlash!Xbox Live Indie GamesHell Yeah!

In 2012, Arkedo partnered with Sega to produce Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.


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