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Artoon was a studio co-founded by Sonic the Hedgehog creator Naoto Oshima, and a former subsidiary of AQ Interactive.

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In 2010 Artoon was absorbed into AQ Interactive.

The studio has developed 19 games since it's founding in 1999. Pinobee: Wings of Adventure(2001 - GBA)Pinobee and Phoebee(2002 - GBA)Ghost Trap(2002 - GBA)Blinx: The Time Sweeper(2002 - XBOX)Ghost Vibration(2002 - PS2)Pinobee(2003 - PSX)The King of Fighters EX: Neo-Blood(2003 - GBA)Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space(2004 - Xbox)Yoshi Topsy-Turvy(2004 - GBA)Swords of Yi(Cancelled - PS2)Swords of Destiny(2005 - PS2)Yoshi's Island DS(2006 - DS)Blue Dragon(2006 - Xbox 360)Vampire Rain(2007 - Xbox 360)Away: Shuffle Dungeon(2008 - DS)Vampire Rain: Altered Species(2008 - PS3)The World of Golden Eggs: Nori Nori Rhythm-kei(2008 - Wii)The World of Golden Eggs: Nori Nori Rhythm-kei(2009 - DS)Echoshift(2010 - PSP)Club Penguin: Game Day!(2010 - Wii)FlingSmash(2010 - Wii)


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