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Retro roots. Modern mojo.


  • Austin, TX, USA


Retro roots. Modern mojo.

Atooi is a passionate team focused on the development of retro inspired games that capture the essence of the past and unites it with the magic of tomorrow. Atooi properties: Mutant Mudds, Bomb Monkey, Xeodrifter, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, Totes the Goat, Mudd Masher, Chicken Wiggle, Soccer Slammers, and Knight Fright.

​Pronounced Ah-too-ee, the name Atooi comes from Watsham's love of Hawai'i. British explorer and cartographer, James Cook, visited the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i in 1778, documenting the locals' name of the island as "Atooi".

Atooi has released 10 games.

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