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Barking Lizards

Barking Lizards was established in 2001 as a video game and media technology company.


  • Headquarters

    Richardson, Texas

  • Company size

    2-10 employees

  • Founded



Barking Lizards Technologies (BLT) grew from 1 person to nearly 60 at its peak in 2008. During this time BLT worked with many customers and garnered a 100% on-time and on-budget record. In addition, BLT has managed to develop a multi-platform game engine and tool chain and has also developed an impressive on-line gaming platform.

BLTs first title was Activision Anthology for the PS2 but then BLT moved into the 1st generation mobile space. BLT partnered with China Mobile and created a distribution platform for GSM/GPRS mobile entertainment along with a series of games. This work led to both a great relationship with Nokia and the 1.0 version of our BLiTs(tm) networking platform.

The company began to grow in earnest from N-gage, mobile (J2ME/BREW) development along with GBA; that was entering it's end-of-life. As a result of our GBA work BLT established a great relationship with THQ and later EA in developing for all handhelds, Wii and PS2 games. Since the crash of financial markets in 2008/2009 Barking Lizards reduced its size and has been working to improve their platform and broaden its customer base.


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