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Basilisk Games is an independent game development studio founded in 2005.


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    Indianapolis, Indiana

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Our first release was the sprawling, isometric role-playing game Eschalon: Book I (2007), which was followed by its sequels Eschalon: Book II (2010) and Eschalon: Book III (2014).

Since finishing the Eschalon Trilogy, we’ve began experimenting with other genres of games, as well as third-party design and development, and working with emerging technologies such as the HTC Vive. Our next role-playing game is in the works right now, and more information about it will be available soon.

We are gamers, just like you. Our mission is to make engaging, DRM-free games that are available on the platform of your choice. We think that you should be able to play your games without a required internet connection and that when you buy a game, it’s really yours. Also, we don’t believe pay-to-win, loot boxes or paid DLC of any kind, although we do occasionally update our games with new content, free of charge, as a thank you to our customers.

Our headquarters are located in a secret bunker just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.


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