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Making games is easy. Lots of people can do it. Your cousin can totally make one. That guy at the coffee place is probably working on a totally great game. You can too. After all, it's only some pixels, polygons and numbers rattling around on a screen.

This fundamental optimism and lack of common sense is why Beep Games, Inc. has been doing stuff with polygons, pixels and numbers for over a decade now. Beep Games has been around since 2003 A.D., with roots that go back to 2000. That's the year Clayton Kauzlaric left a perfectly good job to start a company and make a game about a plucky Voodoo Doll named Vince for the original Xbox. After that, we built a series of casual PC and mobile games.

Beep's philosophy is simple. We make games we actually like to play. We hope you like them too.


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