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Championing games culture.


  • Sheffield, UK


Championing games culture.

The BGI is an agency for games culture, founded in 2018 to raise new funding for games skills, culture, diversity and production in collaboration with new and existing organisations. Its mission is to educate the public about the art, science, history and technology of videogames, through a growing range of programmes.

The BGI manages the National Videogame Museum, the UK's only permanent playable games museum which opens in Sheffield in November 2018 after an acclaimed run in Nottingham. The NVM has welcomed over 100,000 visitors, won consecutive TripAdvisor awards and is supported by the public, grants from public bodies and universities, and generous donations from a number of prominent games companies and leaders in the UK videogames sector.

The BGI delivers programmes including games festivals such as GameCity; the Continue Programme which trains artists and arts organisations on how to work with games; Pixelheads, a club for children to learn about what games mean and how they are made; research, which includes the publication of a series of world-class games culture research papers in concert with some of the world’s leading universities and institutions; and other forthcoming programmes and collaborations with third sector, industry, education, finance and public bodies.

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