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Bindy Street

Hello, we are Bindy Street, an indie games studio based in London.


  • Headquarters

    London, Greater London

  • Company size

    11-50 employees

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We love creating mobile games and hope that our games help to bring the best out of people’s experiences, by enhancing their days, getting them to explore the world, and by helping them engage with the things they love. We hope our passion and dedication shines through with every product we create.

Based in our new office in Parsons Green, London, we’ve put together a diverse team of talented individuals coming from a range of different backgrounds. We are a design-driven team that enjoys challenging ourselves daily to create products that will impress. The Bindy Street team isn’t afraid, or limited to tasks that suit the core competencies of a small indie studio. Instead, we strive to be bold and ambitious with our player-first focus.

Our goal is to bring what’s meaningful about games to our audience, and hopefully leave them with lifelong memories and experiences. We aim to be zeitgeist creating, not following, designing games that are approachable for everyone to enjoy that are full of story, depth, and personality. We hope to make our users proud to be a part of our Bindy Street journey.


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