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Cellius is a video game developer formed by Sony Computer Entertainment and Namco Bandai to make PS3 games utilizing the cell component in the console.

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    Shibuya City, Tokyo

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    Not available

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OverviewCellius is a studio co-founded by both Namco Bandai Games and Sony Computer Entertainment as a joint effort in creating PlayStation 3-only games that will utilize the cell processor inside the PlayStation 3 hardware. The company is headed by "father of PlayStation", Ken Kutagari, taking the place as chairman of Cellius. Namco Bandai owns 51% of Cellius, while Sony Computer Entertainment owns 49%. Games DevelopedCellius developed Katsuragi Misato Houdou Keikaku, a news program for the PlayStation 3 based on the license for the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.


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