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  • Building 3, 3-chōme-27-1 Kanda Jinbōchō, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0051, Japan


Starting from the “SIMPLE” series, we have made efforts to develop games under the motto of produce small but make it large at the very end. We will continue to create games in which people from all over the world will be more immersive, enthusiastic, and smiling without breaking this motto.

The “EARTH DEFENSE FORCE” series, which was originally born small, has now achieved great growth with the fans.

We will continue to work with the fans to ensure that all series of games we publish and the company D3PUBLISHER itself will grow significantly.

The environment in the game business is changing day by day, as it is in the music, video, and entertainment business.

From domestic to international, from one platform to multi-platforms, from physical to digital, services and customer habits are changing rapidly at a speed that is a bit different from that of yesterday.

In order for us not to be left behind by the trend of the times, we must aggressively challenge new services, always predicting the future of the next two steps.

We aim to stay on top of the customer expectations so that we can meet the needs of our customers around the world with as many games and series as we work on.

Network Contents

We publish games on both PC and mobile. We publish attractive contents worldwide such as the “EARTH DEFENSE FORCE” series and “Onechanbara” series on “Steam” as well.

Console Games

We publish many varieties of console games such as the flagship title “EARTH DEFENSE FORCE” series, the “SIMPLE” series which pursue the fun of simple games, and the “Bullet Girls” series and the “Omega Labyrinth” series which are for mainly men users.

D3 Publisher has released 144 games.

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