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Gatling Goat Studios

Developer of the games Traverser and Chicku.


  • Drottninggatan 5, 374 35 Karlshamn, Sweden


Developer of the games Traverser and Chicku.

Gatling Goat Studios - The Story - Part 1

It all started in a land far more north than most people would settle down, in the frost ridden realms of Sweden. On one evening of a most terrible storm, it thundered of light and color so frightening it scared all people away, all except eight who dared to defy the neon vortex. In the eye of the storm a bond between eight people was forged and sealed. Together in the windiest, smelliest, blowiest and blastiest town of sweden also known as Karlshamn -- The blowhole, they choose a path to conquer the world of game development and live out their lifelong dream to become game crafters.

Tales tell us they fought many great wars together. The first war of them all, a war of heroism and prestige; A war of fallen comrades, a battle we today know as the Game Concept Challange.

Only six of the eight members returned from the war, two people disappeared and were never found, their souls lost in eternity. It was a tragic day, but we must not forget that they will always be inside our hearts and their names never forgotten.

But the war was won. Victorious from the Game Concept Challange they formed a guild and named it Gatling Goat Studios, to give praise to the armored goat god which had brought them fortune.

Unfortunately, glory doesn’t promise food and gold. For a while Gatling Goat Studios lived a lot like nomads, they traveled long distances, lived outside, wandering around, uncertain if they could go on. But one morning before sunrise they were surrounded by another guild. They presented themselves as Blekinge business incubator and offered shelter, food, protection and the most important thing of all - a place to call home.

Without hesitation Gatling Goat Studios accepted their offer and the tales tells us that they are still with Blekinge business incubator crafting their game known as Traverser.

Gatling Goat Studios has released 2 games.

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