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GC is a site where you can discover game companies and what games they made throughout the years. We want to support the global gaming industry and its players by showing the world who they are and from where their favourite games comes from. From indie to triple-A studios everyone has a story to tell. And that is where you come in. We are on a mission to do more than just be a colourful site with flashy data.

Everything that you will do in GC, we want it to belong to you and instill a sense of purpose. This site is for gamedevs and anyone interested in learning more about the global games industry and the rich history of games. It is time to acknowledge its players across the world and tell their story. Want to be a part of the global gaming industry? Learn more on how in GC Insider.

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GC is the home of the global games industry. Gamedev professionals are using to discover companies, services, jobs, industries, events and games.

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