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The multimedia branch of 1C Company has been creating games since 1996 and has acted as the developer and publisher of several legendary series with titles such as King’s Bounty, Men of War, Space Rangers, IL-2 Sturmovik, Hard Truck, Rig’n’Roll and Theatre of War as part of the catalog. 1C games are played by millions of people worldwide every year.

And we don’t ever stop, we continue to progress and mov forward. At the moment, we’re developing Caliber MMO and the new generation of IL-2 Sturmovik titles continue to grow and expand. Moreover, we have two projects that aren’t announced yet - a multi-platform RPG (PS4, Xbox One, PC) and a client free-to-play MMO for PC. We’re also doing localization and porting of key game titles of our partners - Warner Bros, 2K, Namco and Capcom in our Warsaw office.

Our goal is to make games and make them for gamers of all backgrounds. We focus not only on technology and nice graphics, but games that will win the people’s hearts. To achieve this goal, we’re throwing our entire souls into them and every time a player’s eyes lights up playing one of our games- it is a true victory for us. Come work with us if you want to do more than just write code or draw pictures… come MAKE GREAT GAMES!


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1 Jan, 1996

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