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  • Voznesenska St, Dnipro, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000


Absolutist is one of the leading developers and publishers of casual and midcore games located in Dnipro, Ukraine. Over the years the company has created a rich portfolio of desktop, web and mobile games, and established strong business relations with the major figures in the industry.

Today our business scope encompasses development, publishing and research objectives. The company keeps creating new original content, focusing on HTML5, iOS and Android apps. As we strive to bring our existing IPs to new platforms and markets, we also help indie developers find better exposure for their web and mobile games.

Absolutist’s creative studio also provides art outsourcing services to prominent gaming and entertainment companies, including Wooga, Disney and EA. We produce concept art, 2D art, sketching, character art and 3D modelling.

The company research group is working on the implementation of the modern gaming technologies such as AI agents, motion capture, etc. Our engineers explore the potential of neural networks and machine learning, aiming to create a system of strong artificial intelligence with self-awareness and knowledge about the world.


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