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A US based company that brings Japanese titles to the U.S.

Agetec (ASCII Games Entertainment Technology) is a California-based game publisher that picks up the North American release rights to Japanese titles and has them localized for distribution to their American audience. The company was created as a subsidiary of ASCII Entertainment Software, itself a western branch of the Japanese ASCII Corporation.


The majority of Agetec's release catalog is filled with relatively obscure, niche titles such as the RPG Maker series. However, they have on occasion stepped in to publish more noteworthy titles such as Space Channel 5 Special Edition, King of Fighters '99, and several Armored Core titles.

The company has become less prolific the 2010s, focusing on smaller downloadable titles on platforms like the 3DS eShop. Their most recent new title announcement was a move into mobile with the iOS version of Kamaitachi no Yoru in 2012, however nothing appears to have come of this and the game was eventually released by Aksys Games instead as Banshee's Last Cry in 2014.


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1 Jan, 1998

(defunct 2018-01-01)

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