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  • Tavistock Pl, Sunderland SR1 1PB, UK


Purveyors of stylish and audacious Indie games.

Coatsink formed in 2009 and has grown into a diverse and versatile development studio and indie Publisher which is now part of the Thunderful Group. Coatsink has created and published fantastic games for all current gen consoles, PC and Virtual Reality, including the recent games Get Packed, Onward, Cake Bash, Transformers: Battlegrounds, PHOGS! and Jurassic World: Aftermath.

Originally co-founded in 2009, Coatsink incorporated in 2011 and has built its reputation on exciting and innovative titles and a wicked sense of humor.

For our growing staff, we strive to create a relaxed and collaborative studio culture, free to express new ideas and develop their professional and creative skills. And of course cover their desks in figurines, play table tennis and wander around in socks.

We’re looking forward to the future as we strengthen our foundations through indie publishing and technology, whilst continuing to meet and exceed the expectations of our trusted partners.


Sunderland, England

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24 Dec, 2009

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