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  • Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA


Dead Drop Studios LLC is a small one-person indie development team located in the USA.

Our primary focus is creating new survival horror experiences to help revitalize the genre. We design our games to be cross-platform so they may launch on PC and consoles.

Our first project, Outbreak, is our initial attempt at engaging in this genre. It's a return to classic survival horror as an overhead 2D shooter. Our second project, Outbreak: The New Nightmare, takes that formula to high definition 3D. Our latest project, Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles, is a visceral single-player survival horror nightmare.

We're always interested in hearing feedback on our products. Please do not hesitate to reach out via any of the communication methods at the top of the page or directly on our Steam forums. We look forward to surviving with you!

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1 Jan, 2016

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