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Epyx was a game developer and publisher that was founded in 1978 and went bankrupt in 1989.

Epyx is a video game developer and publisher that was originally founded as Automated Simulations in 1978 by Jon Freeman and Jim Connelly. The initial focus of Epyx were strategy titles with the release of Starfleet Orion. They found fame with their sport titles depicting Olympic tournaments in the form of Summer Games and Winter Games (among others). The success of the sport titles and action titles such as Jump Man led to the focus shifting away from strategy titles to sports and action games.

In 1983, due to a disagreement in directions caused by a change in ownership and as a result of the reorientation towards sports and action games, Jon Freeman left the Epyx and found Free Fall Associates together with his wife Anne Westfall and they had a brief, yet intensive period of success with the Archon series. Shortly afterwards, Jim Connely left Epyx as well. At a later stage, the company expanded to the hardware market, which was not successful and ultimately led to the company's demise. Epyx filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and completely dissipated a few years later. By selling parts of their assets (such as the right to the LYNX console), Epyx dragged themselves out of the debt. However, those emergency actions did not result in a permanent resurrection of Epyx and the remaining members of Epyx decided to sell the company, which was bought buy Bridgestone Media Group.

In 2006, British publisher System 3 aquired Epyx's assets and is looking to release games from Epyx's back catalogue for the DS, PSP and owns the European rights for epyx.



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1 Jan, 1978

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