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  • P.º de la Chopera, 14, Arganzuela, 28045 Madrid, Spain


We make video games to help you to enter in the new virtual worlds.

Gammera Nest, is a cultural company, born in 2013 and focused on the development of video games and interactive technology that advises cultural and artistic institutions on introducing new ways to reach the audience.

Our philosophy is to bring digital transformation to a large public looking for the direct approach with students and professionals, creating spaces between institutions, the public and sector professionals in order to create suitable contents for the touristic and cultural promotion, as to encourage values or knowledge in those areas.

Our goal is to share and advise all museums and cultural patrimonial institutions, galleries, artists, authors, students and proffesionals that are willing to face new challenges related with new technologies, specially with video games.


Madrid, Spain

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1 Jan, 2013

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