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  • Friesenstraße 13, 20097 Hamburg, Germany


We are Germany’s leading developer and publisher of mobile and online games.

At InnoGames, leaders need to be committed to integrity as they act as role models for everyone in the company. We have therefore created Leadership Principles that are based on our company values and anchored in our daily work. Be it in trainings, our half-yearly appraisals and in 360-degree feedbacks for supervisors: We use them every day as guidelines and our benchmark to constantly advance and improve.

"We are proud that we are living up to our values set out by our Leadership Principles and of how we are achieving that. They are more than buzzwords or an inspirational wall hanging: they outline what we expect from ourselves and make sure we stay true to our DNA. We have developed our Leadership Principles and processes around them to offer everyone in the company clear guidelines on what it takes to be a leader at InnoGames: a high level of expertise, long term strategies, social and personal capabilities and to have a flair for the thing they are doing."


Hamburg, Germany

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1 Jan, 2003

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