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  • Bis, 1 Prom. du Belvédère, 77200 Torcy, France


Magic Pockets is a French game developer focussing on Nintendo hand held systems

Our teams have shipped 60+ games for some of the largest publishers including Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix and Sega. With them, we developed some million sellers and worked on top licenses such as Harry Potter, The Sims, The House of the Dead, Baldur's Gate, TMNT and many more. Magic Pockets core business is the development of games on Publisher's appointment but our creative teams also work on their own, 100% original concepts.

The company is now shipping games on all major videogaming platforms : Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch & 3DS, PC/Windows, iOS/Android and WebGL.


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1 Jan, 2000

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