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Mindscape is an American software developer which has been active in one or the other form since 1983

Mindscpape Inc. was founded in 1983 by Roger M. Buoy in the vicinity of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Mindscape was a very prolific publisher of games and software for Commodore systems, Amiga and MS-DOS. While Mindscape acquired several companies early in its existence it was itself acquired by The Software Toolworks in 1990 and relocated to California, but retained its name and worked as independent division within the parent company. Soon after the restructuring of Mindscape, initial founder Roger Buoy left the company.

Once again, the name Mindscape survived another major shift in ownership when The Software Toolworks and Mindscape were incorporated into UK based media company Pearson, plc.

Many more acquisitions and names followed and Mindscape finally became Mindscape SA, the name under which it still operates to this day.


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1 Oct, 1983

(defunct 2011-08-10)

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