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At Mobius we make unique & creative games to challenge our audience.

Our roots are in the Games Program at USC, where 2015 Independent Games Festival recipient of the Seamus McNally Grand Prize & Excellence in Design, Outer Wilds, and 2014's Excellence in Narrative nominee, Paralect, were developed. We are super excited to be finishing 2015 IGF winner Outer Wilds as our next project!

We are an independent game studio based in downtown Los Angeles that believes in these core values: We view games as portals into new worlds that challenge what the player knows. We want our games to scratch that itch of venturing off into the unknown, of finding out what the darkness has to offer. Seriously, Apollo 13 and Majora's Mask get referenced in our office daily. Our founder, our team, and our families have roots the world 'round. We're proud of our diverse heritage, and we seek to make art and games that combine our unique backgrounds. EWe don't make games to make a quick buck--we make games to make a difference in our players. We strive to create game mechanics, worlds, and experiences that inspire our players to think of the world in a new way.

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