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  • 2301 Rosecrans Ave # 4150, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA


An independent video games studio founded in 1986 and still in operation with a development record of 85 titles over 15 years. Currently involved with games ranging from educational, music-themed toys, to console, handheld, PC games, and graphic-intensive military sims.

Founded by former employees of Mattel Electronics to develop games for the IntelliVision system but quickly moved on to develop games for other systems as well, such as the NES. They created the critically acclaimed ports of Lucasarts adventure games Loom and Maniac Mansion. Realtime Associates were part of the bunch of developers to release launch titles for the Sega Saturn, releasing the successful game Bug!.

Other platforms catered for by Realtime Associates include Game Boy, SNES, N64, Playstation, PC and Mac (among others). Realtime software are still active, with the most recent release being a collection of IntelliVision games for the PS2 called " IntelliVision Lives".

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1 Jan, 1986

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