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  • Sofiendalsvej 88a, 9200 Aalborg, Denmark


Slipgate Ironworks is a game development studio located in Aalborg, Denmark.

We’re comprised of industry veterans and talent, having worked on both indie and AAA titles for the past 2 decades.

Our first title was the critically acclaimed „Rise of the Triad”, under the Interceptor Entertainment name.

Rise of the Triad was released in 2013, and was considered by many as the birth of the modern retro shooter.

Since then, we’ve been involved in a range of games, including Rad Rodgers, Ion Fury, Ancestors Legacy, and most recently, WRATH: Aeon of Ruin, which is built using the original „QUAKE” engine, known from many '90s classics.

Slipgate Ironworks is built on a strong foundation of veteran developers who all share the same vision;

„We only work on games we’d play ourselves”

We are our own worst critics and we share a deep understading of what makes certain games „Tick”.

We all come from a background of hard-core first person shooters and we all share a deep knowledge of how games of the past have influenced generations. Some might even call us old-school.

A badge we wear proudly.


Aalborg, Denmark

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15 Nov, 2010

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