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  • Jin Ji Hu Da Dao, Wu Zhong Qu, Suzhou, Jiang Su Sheng, China


Snail Digital was established in 2000. It is one of the earliest 3D virtual technology research companies and also one of China’s largest 3D digital culture entertainment producing companies. For more than 10 years, Snail Digital’s independent development team has led the country in 3D virtual technology.

At the heart of Snail Digital’s operations is the synthesis of art, life and 3D virtual technology. The company applies its proprietary technologies to web games, digital movie-making and even the personal realm. Today, Snail Digital operates in more than 100 countries and boasts 70 million users worldwide.

As we strive for originality, we never lose sight of our mission to promote Chinese culture and innovation. Roughly 60% of our staff members are engaged in research and development. Snail Games has wholly owned subsidiaries in Shanghai, Los Angeles and Moscow and is one of China’s largest exporters of 3D entertainment.

Snail Digital's mission is to seamlessly meld the real and the virtual worlds. This goal is part of our company’s dream and drives all of our employees.


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Suzhou, China

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