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  • Huntington Beach, CA, USA


Spiral Summit Games is an independent video game publisher.

With the amount of resources needed to execute a project such as the creation of a video game, it is imperative to have a publisher with industry knowledge, financial support, and drive. Spiral Summit Games began as a dream to see more independent games have the opportunity to be published. After launching in 2016, it immediately partnered with Team Blacksea Odyssey to assist in the promotion of its rogue-lite RPG, Blacksea Odyssey. While the independent title had already been available on Steam, Team Blacksea Odyssey was determined to port it to consoles to amass additional players. After months of marketing via Twitch streams and a PAX South booth, the game released in 2017 to the Xbox One.

Since its inception, Spiral Summit Games has partnered with two more teams, Breakerbox Studios and CyberDream, managing the marketing and publication for their games, Griff the Winged Lion and Virtual Battlegrounds, respectively. Both games are still in development but will be coming soon to major distribution channels.

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