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  • 1820 Gateway Dr, San Mateo, CA 94404, USA


Spiritwalk Games is a new studio designing for the intersection of playing & watching games.

We believe that game streaming is a 100m+ user revolution that is both underserved and underutilized by existing game content. Built for PC & mobile platforms, our first game is designed to leverage streaming ecosystems like Twitch in a way that reinvents discovery, distribution, and revenue opportunities.

Spiritwalk’s mission is simple: to unite players and streamers with great gameplay. Online games don’t just have communities: they are communities, and streaming has allowed people to come together like never before. That’s where we see a new design space: we build games designed to directly support the streaming revolution in game communities. We wanted to make a kind of game that didn’t exist yet, so we founded Spiritwalk and created Shardbound.

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1 Jan, 2015

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