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Strategic Simulations Inc was a developer and publisher notable for its numerous wargame titles.

Joel Billings, a developer of wargame simulations for the computer had to found his own publishing and developer company when Avalon Hill refused to publish his wargame titles. Subsequently, SSI became renown for their in-depth wargame simulations until the early 90ies. Apart from wargames, SSI also developed many games based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, in collaboration with TSR, Inc. and the success of the Dungeon & Dragon's games soon led to the wargames, while still being developed by SSI, playing second fiddle to the fantasy games. Interplay bought the Dungeons & Dragons license and SSI never recovered from that loss, which lead to its acquisition by Mindscape in 1994. Over the next years, SSI changed ownership many times and after a brief spell as "brand" within the Ubi Soft product range, the SSI brand was retired.


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31 Dec, 1979

(defunct 1994-01-01)

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