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  • 1-chōme-21-13 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 141-0022, Japan


"Smartphone Applications, Web games, Online games, Console games development and publishing.

Pachinko and Pachi-slot LCD software development.

A development and sales of communication tools."

"The aim of our company is to gather together, and cultivate, highly-skilled professional creators; the kind that love to make things, are passionate about research and, are not idle about day to day study ― creators who would be able to satisfy any customer through the manufacture of superior games ― such as would appear naturally, from a creators' Utopia.

Although we are still only partway through our journey, as long as the company continues to prosper, we intend to pursue the ideals set out above."


Shinagawa City, Japan

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7 Jun, 1978

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