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  • R. Fernando de Albuquerque, 155 - Consolação, São Paulo - SP, 01309-030, Brazil


To develop innovative and quality products to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, with the certainty that we are respecting the conscious use of the technological and natural resources at our disposal

Founded in 1987, Tectoy started a new era in the manufacture of video games and high-tech toys in Brazil. In a short time, it won the public and the market with the sale of millions of games and video games, being directly associated with technology and entertainment.

With two units, Tectoy has a factory in Manaus and headquarters in the city of São Paulo. Tectoy is recognized for its quality and innovation, in addition to having SEGA licensing and having several products intended for digital and electronic entertainment.

In 2020, TecToy entered a new phase, with the launch of new lines and dozens of new products. TecToy is constantly looking for new trends in the Brazilian and global market, always striving for the satisfaction of its public. With this, it is possible to ensure accessible entertainment for everyone, always combined with cutting-edge technology.

TEC TOY, committed to the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System (SGI), defines its Vision, Mission and Values ​​of the Company, as well as its Policy and Objectives as stated below:


São Paulo, Brazil

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18 Sep, 1987

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