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  • 315 W 39th St #505, New York, NY 10018, USA


Thup Games is an independent studio that produces games and interactive experiences for audiences of all sizes and ages.

We are especially adept at creating games for kids, casual players and “non-gamers”. The foundation of our success is that we see our players as collaborators, partners from the very start. From there we move to create games that resonate and excite. Experiences that are inviting and relatable while still challenging expectation and convention. Games that meet players where they are and take them to places they haven’t been.

Thup loves to work with others and has been fortunate to partner with some amazing people and organizations. We have created branded and original stand-out games for clients such as: National CineMedia, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon’s The-N/TeenNick, Frog Design, HBO, and Viacom. Thup also produces its own original properties and is the creator of “Monkey Preschool”, one of the most popular and enduring collections of early learning games in the app world.


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1 Jan, 2001

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