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Tilting Point is a F2P publisher that empowers independent game studios to grow and flourish. We like to call our model ‘PROGRESSIVE PUBLISHING’ because we strive to progressively build a deeper relationship with our partners as we get to know each other. Our strategy: POWER UP We grow your existing live game, first through our expert marketing and funding and ultimately by helping you to increase player LTV. TEAM UP When we achieve strong results during the Power Up phase, we hope to come closer together and invest that momentum into a new joint project. Tilting Point empowers developers with: DISCOVERABILITY Tilting Point executes best-in-class user acquisition while capturing mindshare and developing long term branding through marketing and PR. MONETIZATION Tilting Point’s expert product management team utilizes the latest tools and data to develop a winning freemium monetization strategy. DATA Tilting Point derives insights from industry-leading research firms and data partners, matched with analysis from our exclusive in-house team of market experts. Tilting Point has offices across the world, in New York City, Boston, Barcelona, Kiev and Seoul.

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1 Mar, 2011

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