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Tynesoft Computer Software (defunct)

  • 3 Blaydon Bank, Blaydon NE21 4PS, UK


Tynesoft Computer Software was originally founded under the name Tynesoft Educational Software due to the fact that they got their start as a developer for educational video games. Eventually they would go on to develop sport simulation video games for 8-bit computers in the United Kingdom. When the 16-bit computers were introduced and gained popularity amongst consumers, Tynesoft Computer Entertainment concentrated their efforts on publishing and developing budget titles. However the decision caused the company to fall into bankruptcy by 1990 and ceased to exist as a video game publisher or developer. After filing for bankruptcy the company restructured itself as a business services company; offering services from data research to printing and publishing booklets.


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Blaydon, England

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1 Jan, 1983

(defunct 1990-01-01)

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