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U.S. Gold (defunct)

  • Witton, Birmingham, UK


A British game publisher and distributor founded in Birmingham, UK in 1984.

U. S. Gold was founded to serve as publishing house and distributor for Centresoft. The company however expanded the partnerships to work with other game studios as well. The brand was commonly associated with the publication of successful Olympic game series by Epyx, including the cult classics Summer Games, Winter Games, World Games and California Games (among others). Furthermore, U. S. Gold consisted of two development studios attached to the company, Silicon Dreams as well as Core Design, the latter which they aquired. When U. S. Gold was bought up by Eidos, the U. S. Gold brand was discontinued and the Core Design brand kept intact instead, while Silicon Dreams was sold to Geoff Brown, intial founder of U. S. Gold who went on to establish GBH (Geoffrey Brown Holdings).


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Birmingham, England

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31 Dec, 1984

(defunct 1996-04-01)

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