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  • 26 Stroudley Rd, Brighton BN1, UK


Zoë Mode was previously known as Kuju Brighton.

Zoë Mode is a British, Brighton-based developer, and a subsidiary of Kuju Entertainment. Zoë Mode mostly produces music/rhythm games, such as Rock Revolution, and games revolving around the use of a camera peripheral, including You're In The Movies and Eye-Create.

Even though most of Zoë Mode's backlog consists of poorly-received titles often labeled as "shovelware", the company is also responsible for producing universally-acclaimed games. Both Chime and Crush were extremely well received by critics, even though the latter had very little commercial success. Originally an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive, Chime's success was partly fueled by the announcement that the developers would donate at least 60% of their profits from sales to charity.


Brighton, England

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1 Mar, 2007

(defunct 2017-01-01)

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