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Alien Incident

  • First released on 31 December, 1996 for PC DOS

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    One rather typical Halloween eve, Benjamin is witnessing his uncle's attempt to activate the Worm Hole Spawner, his latest invention. The experiment works, and a hole in the sky rips open. Meanwhile in a galaxy far, far away, an entity, chased by a spaceship, accidentally dive into the worm hole which suddenly appears before them. The spaceship hits the brakes and starts to orbit around earth. The commander of the spaceship, Boss, orders a group of aliens to land on earth and bring back the one that's responsible for getting them where they are.

    The alien shuttle lands next to the mansion and four white little aliens emerge from inside. They enter the mansion and grab Benjamin's uncle, while Ben himself is hiding behind the Worm Hole Spawner. Unnoticed, Benjamin is left behind with a task to solve the alien mystery and rescue his uncle... and possibly the galaxy as well.

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