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Alone in the Dark 2

  • 31 December, 1993

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    You are Edward Carnby, and already journalists have nicknamed you "The Private Eye of the Unknown". You could go on taking life easy in your comfortable office. But suddenly you receive a call for help from a friend of yours, Ted Striker. Little Grace Saunders, who was kidnapped a few days ago, is almost certainly being held hostage in an old Californian mansion: "Hell's Kitchen"

    What's more, this massive building is the property of the leader of a gang of bootleggers... His name? One Eyed Jack. A word of advice, then: If you are planning on staying alive in this sort of environment, make sure you've got your 38 Special, and get hold of a machine gun as soon as possible... So good luck, you're on your own, ALONE IN THE DARK!

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