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Cube Island

  • First released on 6 August, 2021 for Mac

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    Three years have passed since the aftermath of the Shattering, what we used to call the World is now only made of floating islands lost in the deep void. As time goes by, explorers, farmers and builders are setting up what will be the new world! Rich in joy and filled with content, the islands await you. players as heroes will build new cities, create new technologies and discover new lands in a path that will lead them to a colorful adventure!

    Welcome to Cube Island!

    Game Features :

    - Build your own island, grow your farm and discover new technologies.

    - Have fun discovering hundreds of items and crafts.

    -Build a flying boat,visit a destroyed world and explore uncharted lands.

    - Talk with other players thanks to the sky with floating messages in a bottle.

    - Live in a dynamic world with changing events (Seasons, Seasonal Events, Random Events).

    - Manage character and navigate the world using a simple and intuitive UI. - Live in an colorful and joyful world, updated every month




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    Bird view / Isometric

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