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  • First released on 1 January, 2009 for Android, iOS

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    Drop7 is a puzzle game for play on devices running the operating systems Android and iOS. The game is played with touch controls on a 7x7 square grid. In each round, the player places a disc that falls from the top of the grid. Each disc has a number 1-7, or a blank. Whenever the number of any disc matches the number of contiguous discs in a row or column, that disc disappears and also hits any blank discs it touches. When a blank is hit twice, it turns into a numbered disc. After a number of turns, the round ends and a full row of blank discs emerges from the bottom of the grid. There is no time limit, and discs may be dropped at the player's leisure. The objective is to eliminate discs and score combos for as long as possible until either the grid overflows or the grid is full and it is impossible to place another disc. If the player clears the screen of all discs, then the player is given a 70,000 point bonus.




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